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About MFG Tray Company

Cannabis Processing techniques demand precise control of environmental factors to produce product consistently at any time of the year. MFG Tray meets these demands with a proven line of high-strength, technologically advanced products from trays and flats to storage containers and customized options. MFG Cannabis Processing products deliver exceptional durability and performance for all your cannabis processing techniques, from drying to storing. Unlike plastic trays and containers, our glass-reinforced composite products are dimensionally stable and will not rust, bend or sag under heavy loads. And unlike metal, they will not dent, corrode or bend. Thanks to this strength, MFG Tray products can be readily stacked to save space and maximize air flow for quicker drying. The most crucial step in cannabis bud and soft gel production is the drying and curing stage. During this time, moisture is released from the product before packaging and final distribution. MFG Tray cannabis processing products provide consistent benefits, including: - Uniform temperature distribution - Ventilated to increase air flow - Easy cleaning and storage - Multiple sizes available - Composite material resists odors, chemicals, and mildew - Conforms to FDA Regulation Title 21 CFR 177.2420 - High weight capacity and rigidity

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